International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Local 82
6550 Poe Ave      Dayton, OH 45414      937.898.4239

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Mentor Information

  • To introduce and nurture the concept of Brotherhood/Sisterhood in Apprentices by providing information concerning the benefits and responsibilities involved with belonging to a union.

  • To teach the history of Local 82 and instill a sense of pride in being a Union Electrician.
    Pride in One's Self
    Pride in the Local
    Pride in the Trade

  • To foster learning: 
    directly by providing one-on-one help with studies
    Indirectly by guidance in everyday conversation

  • To pass on knowledge gained through experience

  • To make each Apprentice aware of the career paths open to them in the industry

  • Our Mentors:
    Adam Trefz
    Bob Keller
    Bruce Debore
    Chad Cox
    Charlie Aiken
    Chris Toon
    Cody Lacy
    David Gantner
    Don Brown
    Greg Gust
    Hunter Qualls
    Jim Taylor
    Joan Fultz
    Jody Steinbarger
    Joe Bawidamann
    John Thomson
    Johnny Morris
    Kevin Kreitzer
    Paul Carver
    Paul Chaney
    Ramiro Ramirez
    Rick Pucket
    Sean Andrews
    Shannon Mayenschein
    Steve Cochran
    Ty Evans
    Tyler Edmondson
    Alan Ritter
    Dave Bruce
    David Null
    Doug Taylor
    Jeremy Kiser
    Nick Comstock
    Shawn Arnold
    Chad Wentlender

    Monthly Meeting Topics
    September- Introduction to the Union
    October- Professionalism
    November- Communication/ Problem Identification
    December- Involvement
    January- Representation/ Weingarten rights
    February- Health and Welfare
    March- Pension and other Benefits
    April- How to be Union Outside of Work
    May- Cookout/ Overview


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