Article XIII Benefit and Emergency Relief Fund Local 82 Bylaws state (in part):

There shall be established in Local Union 82 a fund to be known as the Benefit and Emergency Relief Fund to provide some temporary relief for sick or disabled members in financial distress. The administration of the Fund shall be under the supervision of the Executive Board. All payments from the Fund shall be subject to approval of the members present at a regular meeting. Relief payments to a member shall never exceed $100.00 in any one calendar month.

Attached is the form to request the $100 and one month of dues paid. You can also obtain a copy at the Hall. Just call 937-898-4239 and one can be mailed to you. Your request will be read at the next Executive Board meeting held the third Monday of each month, and then, read at the following regular union meeting. No late B.E.R.F. submittals will be considered by the Executive Board

You must be a member in good standing to receive Benefit and Emergency Relief.

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